Thursday, November 13, 2008

Devin with an i (or Bush not Butch)

My first name is Devin (with an i).

My last name is Busch (with a c).

There are a few things that go along with having this name. For one, every time I tell someone my name I have to spell it. Another being that I have been told many many times by people that I do not know that they were "going to name their child (gender doesn't matter) Dev(in)(on)(an)(un)(en). This has brought me to the conclusion that Devin is the most popular unchosen baby name in the country.

My first name can be spelled multiple ways (Devin, Devon, Deven, Devan, Devun). The thing I don't get is that the most common spelling of the name is not the most phonetic. I would say that upwards of 75% of the time when I give someone my name, they spell it some way other than with an i. Say to yourself "Devin" now say "in", "on", "an", "un", "en". Only the first one correctly completes Dev__.

Now, the fact that people don't audibly catch the silence of the "c" when I speak my last name is understandable. Busch can be easily confused with Bush (the name of one former and one former/current United States president, a word meaning a woody plant that is easily distinguished from a tree by its multiple stems and lower height, or the 90's British post-grunge band fronted by Gavin Rossdale). What is not understandable is the amount of people that cannot pronounce my last name when reading it. More commonly than not, I get "Devin B-Bu-Bustch?". In which case I just say, "It's just Busch (Bush), like the beer*." And people get that.

I have thought about changing my name to Devon Bush, but then I would just be another body with a number instead of a face. I also thought about going purely phonetic with Devin Bush, but I'm pretty sure that there was a Devin Bush that played defense for the Rams in the late 90's.

*Note: Everyone seems to know that Busch beer is pronounced "Bush" even though the beer is rarely ever advertised, nor do I know anyone who drinks it, nor have I seen it sold in more than 5 stores outside of St. Louis, MO. I have never even tried it. (Even though I probably should because I think I own it or something) You would think it would be higher on my list of priorities.


Austin Timothy said...

it is crazy how influenced you are by Chucky K.

i am reading cocoa puffs every night a little before bed, and now whenever i write, type, or think... i naturally and sub-consciously try to duplicate his writing style.

Austin Timothy said...

...and i can tell you do it* too.

* mostly with the use of the asterisks....